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PHONICS ACADEMY is a worldwide Phonics learning initiative.

It has three focussed activities to catalyse spelling learning among students.

# Conduct 'Quality' Certificate Course for teachers.

# Conduct 'Quality' Training Course for mothers of kids.

# Conduct 'Quality' Training classes for children.

# Make available a wide range of Phonics books to its teachers and parents.

All the study material have been authored by Debashis Pati. He is a SPELLING HABIT CREATOR
and a SPELLING DICTATOR. He has written the maximum number of spelling books (all available
at amazon.in). He is the 1st individual to author books for "multiple" spell bee exams. He has also
designed SPELL BEE exams. He has hands on experience of 'multiple' spell bee competitions, as
a parent of two. He is a Phonics Teacher Trainer, a Spelling Teacher and a guide to parents.

You may contact with your queries. For short queries you may whatsapp +91 9820354672.
Else you may write to us at phonicsindia@gmail.com. Do send student details and your
city/country to get response.


'Phonics Knowledge Course' is a skill development course for teachers.

It is based on Phonics Swar Gyan learning program by Debashis Pati.

It has been designed considering convenience of ladies, teaching content at schools
and early learning needs of young children.

It is a distance learning program.
Each class is fully online, live and interactive for each individual in the class.

This is not a workshop.
This is not a pre recorded class.

There will be 7 classes of 30-40 minutes each. The classes will be done over a month's

Topics to be covered are:

#1. Phonics Sounds
#2. Phonics Blending
#3. Rhyming Words
#4. Phonics Segmenting
#5. Sight Words
#6. Phonics Digraphs
#7. Phonics Blends
#8. Phonics Vowels
#9. Word Reading
#10. Sentence Reading

The classes will be followed by assignment-submission and course-end assessment.

You will also receive a set of 6 workbooks and 3 sets of flash cards during the

You will get guidance for Phonics Sounds which need to be practiced well. Regular
query handling (during the course period) will be there. Learning material will be
available for your study through our website, during the duration of the classes/

Certificate will be given only after successful completion of the course.

The one time fee for the course is :

# INDIVIDUAL CLASS : currently Rs 10,000 or USD 200 only

# GROUP CLASS (not more than 3 students) : currently Rs 6,000 or USD 100 only

For any clarification or query whatsapp +91 9820354672.


We appreciate and salute individuals in the forefront of Phonics skill development,
worldwide, for decades. To this end, "Phonics Hall of Fame", was created in 2016.
It is a first of its kind initiative, worldwide. Please note that none of the
distinguished individuals in the Phonics Hall of Fame are part of / or associated
with Phonics eStore / Phonics Academy, in whatsoever manner.


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