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Here are SPELLING WORD LIST Books for your child

SPELL BEE ACADEMY is a worldwide spelling education program.

It has a series of Word List books for children. All are available at amazon.
These have been authored by Debashis Pati. He has written the maximum number of
spelling books. And he has written preparatory books for "multiple" spell be exams.
He has designed and conducted spell bee exams as well. He is also a spelling teacher
and a Phonics Teacher Trainer.

SELECT your child's grade / class (in drop down) to know WHAT TO DO.

For any clarification or query whatsapp +91 9820354672.

Come let us together give your child the right beginning!

Note: Do check regularly for new GK questions. There will be addition over time.
This GK learning opportunity for children currently has free access to all world wide.
It is fully supported by SPELL BEE ACADEMY.