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    SPELL BEE ACADEMY is a worldwide spelling learning initiative.

    We have TWO focused activities to catalyse spelling learning, WORLDWIDE.

    # SUPPORT SPELLING LEARNING : Make available a wide range of learning material for "multiple" spelling bee exams ... More than anyone else in the World

    # TEST SPELLING LEARNING : Conduct "100% Spelling" Spell Bee exams across countries - with maximum reach, good preparation opportunity and minimum cost / stress for parents.

    SPELL BEE ACADEMY is the vision of Debashis Pati.

    He -

    # has written the maximum number of spelling books (at amazon.in) and spelling tests (at you tube)

    # is the 1st individual to author books for "multiple" spell bee exams and has designed SPELL BEE tests and exams

    # has hands on experience of 'multiple' spell bee competitions, as a parent of two

    # is a Phonics Teacher Trainer and a Spelling / Phonics / Grammar / Vocabulary Teacher

    # fully funds the worldwide H&D Scholarship program which intends to reach Spelling Learning to each student across the world

    We propose the use of one or more of the following to boost Spelling learning : Word Lists, Books/Workbooks, Tests/Quiz, Exams and Classes. We recommend a combination of these.

    For queries you may send whatsapp (message ONLY) to +91 9820354672. NO CALLS please. You may send typed / audio messages ONLY. CLICK to whatsapp

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    SPELL BEE Program - SUNDAY TESTS ... Pati's Test & Learn Method ... Junior KG to Class 10

    SPELL BEE ACADEMY is pleased to inform you about this 1st ever worldwide Spelling initiative of its kind.

    This program - SUNDAY TESTS - has participants from most continents. It has been running "Live Non Stop for over 100 SUNDAYs" now ... with the same Spelling dictator ... a "World Record" in itself.