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How to Register your Child.

Spell India SPELL BEE has three rounds - Prelim, Final and Mega Final. A child needs to have registered to give the exam. It includes paying the Test fees and the Test Books Set price. It has to be 'paid only once' - for all the test rounds / books, of a particular grade / class. No child is rejected after any test round.

Registration can be done anytime. If you have missed a particular test you can still register for the balance tests.

You may proceed with the following steps.

Step 1 : Send details mentioned on registration form by email to phonicsindia@gmail.com.

Step 2 : Respond to queries from us by email.

Step 3 : Make online payment as advided by us. Advise will be sent by email.

Step 4 : Receive confirmation of registration.

Step 5 : Receive SIN (Student Identification Number) before the date of exam. It is same for all the three rounds of test.

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