Are you looking for Spelling classes for your child ... Online classes world wide

SPELL BEE ACADEMY is a worldwide spelling learning initiative.

It has three focussed activities to catalyse spelling learning among students.
# Make available a wide range of spelling books for purchase 24x7 at amazon.

# Make available preparatory study material for "multiple" spelling bee exams.

# Conduct "100% Spelling" Spell Bee exams free of cost - with maximum reach, good preparation opportunity and mimimum cost / stress for parents. Spell Bee Academy also conducts online spelling classes for select grades/classes of children.

SPELL BEE ACADEMY is the vision of Debashis Pati.


He has written the maximum number of spelling books (all available at

He is the 1st individual to author books for "multiple" spell bee exams. He has also designed

SPELL BEE exams. He has hands on experience of 'multiple' spell bee competitions, as a parent of two. He is a Phonics Teacher Trainer, a Spelling / Word Reading / Grammar / Vocabulary / GK Teacher and a guide to parents.

You may contact with your queries. For short queries you may whatsapp (message only) +91 9820354672.

Else you may write to us at Do send student details and your city/country to get response.

Details about the online Spelling Classes

# Any Child from ANY Country can register.

# All Learning Material authored by Debashis Pati, author of maximum number of spelling books (for multiple spell bee exams) as well as spelling tests, an international Spelling Dictator, and a Phonics Teacher Trainer.

# Batches available for : Senior KG / Classes 1 to 10 / Graduates. Limited batches and batch size.

# No other person to accompany student in the classes. If done, student will be disallowed to continue, and no refund of fee will be made.

# What is the Fee?

One time Fee: Rs 10,000.

Fee includes a set of Workbooks worth about Rs 1000 sent (Within India only. Shipping charges outside India will be at actuals.)

# What does the program have?

Every word of English has a different spelling. No two words have the same spelling. So, spelling has to be learnt word-by-word.

"Weak Word Generator" spelling learning method, "Learn by prerparing for exams" as well as "SpellRules" of Debashis Pati followed.

Broad plan for Senior KG to Class 5 students is as follows.

- Identify weak words and learn them : Exposure to word lists and student to note down his/her weak words. Same to be learnt in the week ahead. Target for Class 1 to 10 : 2000+ words and for Senior KG : 1000+ words.

- Question practice with different question patterns. Spelling mistakes to be learnt in the week ahead.

A wide variety of question patterns used to challenge mindest of students.

- Spelling Rules / Guidance - select ones for concerned grade/class.

# When will the program start?

- Every Sunday Tests : Student to attend Sunday tests from the Sunday after registration till April 2024.

- Learn & Test : Learning content access will be provided on our website after registration. Exams to be given by April, 2024.

- Classes : Will start from August, 2023 till January, 2024.

# What are the Timings for the 25 online classes?

Each class to be for about 40 minutes on ZOOM. One class per week for 25 weeks. Any class not conducted by us will be made up.

- Fridays
8:45 pm IST : Graduates / Post Graduates

- Saturdays
4:45 pm IST : Class 2
5:45 pm IST : Class 3
6:30 pm IST : Class 4/5
9:00 pm IST : Classes 9 to 12

- Mondays
4:15 pm IST : Senior KG
5:00 pm IST : Class 1
8:45 pm IST : Classes 6 to 8

# What are the Timings for the Sunday Tests?

TEST TIMING : Fixed for each Grade / Class

Grade mentioned here is for the academic year, 2023-2024. It is the same across all countries.

# Senior KG : 11:15 am IST

# Class 1 : 11:40 am IST or 10:00 pm IST

# Class 2 : 12:00 pm IST or 8:30 pm IST

# Class 3 : 12:20 pm IST or 10:30 pm IST

# Junior KG : 12:40 pm IST

# Class 6 : 7:45 pm IST

# Class 4 : 8:00 pm IST

# Class 5 : 8:15 pm IST

# Class 7 : 9:00 pm IST

# Class 8 : 9:15 pm IST

# Class 9 : 9:30 pm IST

# Class 10 : 9:45 pm IST

# Graduates/Post Graduates : 11:00 pm IST

The above is subject to change. Same may be mentioned here. An email will be sent, regarding the change. Sufficient lead time will be given before any change is made.

How to Register for the Spelling Classes Now


For queries whatsapp at 91 9820354672.

If you have already registered for the H&D PREMIUM SPELL BEE PLAN then you need to reduce Rs 10000 by what you have already paid.

(Registration may be declined to certain requests. This will be at our sole discretion. No explanation whatsoever will be provided for the same.)

Sample Learning Content follows. These are indicative and not exhaustive.