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Are you looking for a SPELL BEE exam for YOUR CHILD!

till Class 10


# ANY Child from ANY Country can register ANY Day.

# Grades : Senior KG onwards till Class 10

# First LEARN from study material and then TEST process is followed.

# Study / Learning Material will be provided online, on our website ONLY during the
concerned months (before the concerned round of exam).

In each concerned month there will be a new WORD LIST. The word list of the previous months
will get removed each month. No requests will be entertained for word lists of the previous

A set of word lists will be shared before the PRELIM exam and another set after the PRELIM exam.
Those who do not give/attend the PRELIM exam will not be sent the set of word lists after the
PRELIM exam, and they will not be eligible to give the FINAL exam.

# All contents are by Debashis Pati, a Spelling Habit Creator, author of maximum number of
spelling books (for multiple spell bee exams), a Phonics Teacher Trainer and a teacher
for Phonics / Word Reading / Spelling / Grammar / General Knowledge.

# 2 rounds of ONLiNE exams - Prelim and Final.

# Test date and time will be informed well in advance vide email (provided during registration).

# 100% Spelling Bee : No questions of Grammar, Phonemic Scripts, Word Origin, Comprehension
or General Knowledge.

# All questions in the Tests will be from the study/learning material provided only.
No stress on this front.

# 10 Practice Questions Sets - 5 before each round of test. These will be shared online.

# Certificate to all. Will be sent by email (provided during registration).

# Medals to top performers. To be collected from our Mumbai (India) office.
Couriering on request available. Concerned expense will be additional and will have to be pre-paid.

# No hidden cost. No local / outstation travel cost.

# Efficient / regular query handling.

# No manipulation of results.

# TalkToPATI ...a Guidance Program on request available to parents.
Parents can make an appointment for a brief "Guidance Talk" program after registration.
It is an on request program.

# No separate fee for those registered for "the SPELLING course". It is Part 2 of the course.

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