VOCA BEE ... 1st ever MEANING BEE exam

"Knowing a word without its meaning is not really knowing a word", Debashis Pati.

Here is a FIRST LEARN & THEN TEST opportunity for your child.

# The focus is on meaning of words.

# Children from Class 1 to Class 8 can participate in this.

# "Promising" Senior KG children screened by Debashis Pati can participate in Class 1.

# There are two rounds of exams - PRELIM and FINAL.

# One time fee includes exam fees and study material for the same. It depends on country of residence.

The fee is same for all the levels. Rs 750 or 50 Dirhams or 25 dollars or 25 Euros.

# ANY child from ANY country can register ANY day for this.


Learning material are provided after registration for a particular level.
These will be couriered in two lots by SPEED POST only. Lockdown situation
may affect schedule of despatch/receipt of study material
Test schedule will not be affected by that.
No online classes to be attended for learning.

Parent can contact author vide email for any query related to study material.


There will be two rounds of tests. Each test will have its own study material.
Each test will be conducted in an online class. All questions will be asked
from the study material provided only.

Details on test process will be provided to parents only before the test.
All related queries will be answered then.

Test dates will be informed vide email. Email ID provided during registration
will be used for this.

# Levels

There are 2 rounds of exam for each level.

Level 1 : Class 1
Level 2 : Class 2
Level 3 : Class 3
Level 4 : Class 4
Level 5 : Class 5
Level 6 : Class 6
Level 7 : Class 7 & Class 8

A child can register for two levels in a year.
A child can register for a lower level along with current level as well.
A Level 2 child can register for both Level 2 and Level 1.
And Level 5 child can register for both Level 5 and Level 4.


Certificate will be given after the tests of each level.


# One time fee for two rounds of exams. Includes study material for the two rounds.

# Fee depends on the grade/class of child and the country of residence of child.

Total one time fee is as under:

Rs 750 or 50 Dirhams or 25 dollars or 25 Euros.

# Shipping fee for sending study material additional at actual only for students.
outside India.

# Study material will be separate for each round of exam. Same will be shipped in two lots.


YOU CAN register your child ANY DAY of the year. Registration is open 24x7.

Please send the following details and attachments to phonicsindia@gmail.com.
Do not whatsapp these details requested.

1. Name of child :
2. Grade of child in academic year 2020-2021 :
3. School of child :
4. Correspondence address:
5. email ID :
6. Mobile :
7. Attach child's school ID card image
8. Attach payment proof

Note: Bank details for making payment follows. No other way of payment is available.

CURRENT ACCOUNT No 194602000000469
MUMBAI 400076

IFSC CODE : Will be provided on request. Please send request by whatsapp to +91 9820354672

You may also pay using the payment link provided below.

Come let us together give your child the right beginning!