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Spelling : Spell BEE ONLiNE Tests & Exam


Greetings to you from SPELL BEE ACADEMY.

Spell Bee Academy is in the forefront of Spelling Learning.

It is India's No 1 spelling bee preparatory study material provider.

It has the world's first "continuous" spelling scholarship program - H&D Scholarship.

We have authored the maximum number of Spelling Bee books, all available at amazon.in only.

We conduct Phonics Teacher Training as well, for teachers and parents through PHONICS ACADEMY.

We conduct spell bee exams, spell bee tests and online spelling classes from Nursery (3 years

before Class 1) onwards.

International Spell Bee Championship exam Program

SPELL BEE ACADEMY is pleased to inform you about this 1st ever worldwide Spelling initiative of its kind.

International Spell Bee Championship learning program will help :

# build SPELLING LEARNING AS A HABIT for your child, apart from

# strengthening Spelling KNOWLEDGE of your child.

This education program :

# is a multi-module program ... with flexibility for you to select one or all modules

# includes the world's first ANNUAL - WEEKEND program

# starts from children in Junior KG (two years before Class 1) till Class 8

# ANY CHILD from ANY COUNTRY can register ANY DAY directly

This worldwide program was conceived and rolled out by Debashis Pati.

He is :

# a worldwide Spelling Habit Creator

# author of maximum number of preparatory books for "multiple" spell bee exams

# has "hands on" experience of 'mulitple' spell bee exams for over a decade, as a parent of two

# conceived and fully funds the 'continuous' worldwide H&D Scholarship for children

# has designed multiple study material based competition exams, namely Spell India Spell Bee,

Spelling Bee International, Listener Bee, Voca Bee, Pre School Bee, GK World Quest and Math Bee

# is a Phonics Teacher Trainer

# is a Grammar and Phonics / Word Reader teacher

# is a GK (General Knowledge) teacher.

International Spell Bee Championship program

This program is ONLY for those who had registered for our SUNDAY TESTS till April, 2021.

# ANY CHILD from ANY COUNTRY can register directly ANY DAY of the year.

# One can register for one or more module(s). We strongly recommend both the modules.

# No paid orientation or separate preparatory classes for any module.

# No rejection after any round / module. Each round / module for each child.

# Everything online - no travel / stay cost involved.

# One time fee only. Ask all queries before paying to register. No refund after registration, due to whatsoever reason.

This program has two modules - you can register for either or both. Choice is yours.

MODULE 1 : It includes the following.

# SUNDAY TESTS ... 50 Sundays in a Year ... learn through tests through the year.

# SPELLer BEE World EXAM ... 1 in a Year after SUNDAY Test 50 of Module 1 ... Test the Module 1 learning with an annual exam.

Certificate only to those who give SPELLer BEE exam conducted after Test 50. Same will be sent within reasonable time by email only. Only balance of the 50 tests can be given after registration. Answers of the Sunday Tests will be given ONLY for tests attended by the child. Answers of the Certificate exam at the end will not be shared.

# The fee is Rs 2000 from 1st May, 2021.
(It was Rs 1000 till 30th April, 2021.) .
The fee is the same for students of all countries.

MODULE 2 : SPELLING BEE INTERNATIONAL EXAMS ... learn through Word Lists provided and give 2 exams in year.

# Word lists will be provided through our website only. It will be provided separately before each round of exam. IF first exam is not given THEN the word list for the second exam will not be provided.

# Answers of both the Certificate exams will not be shared.

# Certificate will be sent within reasonable time by email only.

# Total one time fee is Rs 500 only. It is the same for students of all countries.

BOTH MODULES 1 and 2 :

# The fee is Rs 2500 from 1st May, 2021.
(It was Rs 1500 till 30th April, 2021.) .
The fee is the same for students of all countries.

HOW TO REGISTER NOW ... 2021-2022 year

You are advised to know the details that follow before registering your child.

Please do not pay until you have read all details here. Ask queries before you pay is our guidance.

YOU CAN register your child ANY DAY of the year. Registration is open 24x7.

Please send the following details and attachments to phonicsindia@gmail.com.

Do not whatsapp these details requested.

1. Name of child :

3. Grade of child in current academic year :

2. School of child :

3. Correspondence address (full with PIN / ZIP code):

4. email ID :

5. Mobile Number :

6. Module number(s) :

7. Attach child's school (or any other valid) ID card image

8. Fee paid :

10. Attach payment proof

Note: Bank details for making payment- 



CURRENT ACCOUNT No 194602000000469 


MUMBAI 400076

 IFSC CODE : Will be provided on request. Please send request by whatsapp to +91 9820354672

MODULE 1 : SUNDAY TESTS ... 50 in a Year ... Salient aspects follow.

Salient aspects of Module 1 follow.

TEST DAY : Sunday

You can register any day of the year and give the balance tests (out of the total 50 tests) of the year.

TEST TIMING : Fixed for each grade/batch

The tests will happen in batches across grades. It cannot be changed.

Note that the Test timings will be different for :

# India/SAARC countries/South Asia

# Middle East Countries/Africa

# USA/Canada

# UK/Europe and

# Australia/Japan.

The same is informed to participating parents of concerned countries.

MODULE 2 : SPELLer BEE World EXAM ... 1 annual exam after SUNDAY Test 50 of Module 1

Salient aspects of Module 2 follow.

# Scheduled after the SUNDAY Test 50.

# Online exam.

# All who register for Module 1 are eligible for this.

# In Year 2, separate registration is NOT needed. It is included in Module 1 fee.

# The syllabus will be all words of the SUNDAY Tests 1 to 50.

# Gradewise top rankers are declared. Certificates given to all.

# Trophies given to select top rankers. Same has to be collected from our Mumbai office

(by appointment within reasonable time). Couriering may be done at actual cost paid in advance.

MODULE 3 : SPELLING BEE INTERNATIONAL EXAMS ... 2 exams in a Year ... Word List based Self Study

Salient aspects of Module 3 follow.

# ANY Child from ANY Country can register ANY Day.

# Grades : Senior KG onwards till Class 7

# 2 rounds of ONLiNE exams. Prelim and Final.

# Exams are scheduled in multiple times in each year.
So, register any day of the year and give exam any quarter of the year.
Process MUST complete within a year of registration.

# First LEARN from study material and then TEST process is followed.

# 100% Spelling Bee : No questions of Grammar, Phonemic Scripts, Word Origin,
Comprehension or General Knowledge.

# Study / Learning Material will be provided on our website ONLY during the concerned
months (before the concerned round of exam).

A set of word lists will be shared before the PRELIM exam and another set after the PRELIM exam.
Those who do not give/attend the PRELIM exam WILL NOT be sent the set of word lists after the
PRELIM exam, and they WILL NOT be eligible to give the FINAL exam.

# All contents are by Debashis Pati, a Spelling Habit Creator, author of maximum number of
spelling books (for "multiple" spell bee exams), a Phonics Teacher Trainer and a teacher for
Phonics / Word Reading / Spelling / Grammar / General Knowledge. He fully supports the 1st ever
'worldwide' spelling scholarship program.

# Test date and time will be informed vide email (provided during registration).

# All questions in the Tests will be from the study/learning material provided only.
No stress on this front.

# Certificate to all. Will be sent by email (provided during registration).

# Medals to top performers. To be collected from our Mumbai (India) office.
Couriering on request available. Concerned expense will be additional and will have to be pre-paid.
Top performers will be iformed directly by email. No queries in this regard will be entertained.

# One time fee only. It depends upon country of residence of student.

It is Rs 500 or 50 dirhams or 25 US dollars only for direct registration.


# All contents/study material shared in any manner are our copyright and
must not be shared with anyone else, in whatsoever manner, at any point of time
Any violation of the same will attract necessary action from us.
This applies for all the modules.


email : phonicsindia@gmail.com

whatsapp (message only) : +91 9820354672


# Refund : No refund. Please read all details before paying.
# Return : No return. No physical item will be shipped to you.
Please read all details before paying.
# Privacy : All details provided by you during registration will
be solely used for communication between us over time, for concerned
product and related products from us.
# For any queries on the above do send email only. Get queries clarified
before you pay. email ID is phonicsindia@gmail.com
Queries first ... Payment last is our guidance for you.

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This initiative is fully supported by Phonics eStore, an eduTech company.

Note: Do check regularly for new GK questions. There will be addition over time.
This GK learning opportunity for children currently has free access to all world wide.
GK Academy is fully supported by SPELL BEE ACADEMY.
Note that it conducts General Knowledge ONLiNE CLasses for Senior KG to Class 3 students.

Here are PICTURE-WORD Tests ... from Phonics eStore