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  • spell india spell bee

How to Become an Associate.

Spell India SPELL BEE involves registering children, conducting three rounds of exam (directly at a centre or at registered schools), and providing need-based customer service.

An associate can be from any town / city.

You may proceed with the following steps.

Step 1 : Send details mentioned on following image by email to phonicsindia@gmail.com.

Step 2 : Pay application processing fee of Rs 1001 (non-refundable). Online payment to be made as advised by email.

Step 3 : If you are selected for consideration (decision at our sole discretion) then you will be advised on next steps. It will include breifing you on the terms and conditions.

Step 4 : Confirm terms and conditions. Make online payment of annual fee as advised.

Step 5 : Operate as per terms and conditions, through the year. Do nothing to affect Spell India brand. In case of non adherence 'associate' arrangement will be terminated (decision at our sole discretion). No pro rate refund will be considered.

Step 6 : Pay as advised the annual fee for succeeding year, a month before it starts.

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