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How to Become a Certified Trainer.

Spell India is a spelling learning initiative of Phonics eStore. It conducts Spell India SPELL BEE, and makes available preparatory study material authored/pubished by it.

Individuals my conduct training classes for students participating in Spell india SPELL BEE. This can be done in any town/city.

Training will be provied by Phonics Academy, a skill development initiative of Phonics eStore. As partof teh training, assessment-based certification will be done. This certification has to be renewed annually. Certification will be grade/class specific. Training content and fee will be separate for each grade/class.

Post certification one may train students for Spell India SPELL BEE championship (for certifed grades/classes only).

You may proceed with the following steps.

Step 1 : Send details as mentioned in below image to phonicsindia@gmail.com.

Step 2 : Pay application processing fee of Rs 1001 (non-refundable). Online payment to be made as advised by email.

Step 3 : If you are selected (decision will be at our sole discretion) then you will be advised about next steps. It will involve selection of grades by you for training, and online payment of training fee for each grade. Training will include formal interaction with the author of the 'Test Books Set(S)'. There may be informal interaction with national champion(s) of certain spell bee exams in India. You may ask us queries before payment.

Step 4 : After you complete tasks mentioned in Step 3, you will be advised to confirm training schedule. Date options will be provided to you. You will also need to confirm terms and conditions of being a trainer.

Step 5 : Undergo training a per schedule.

Step 6 : Undergo assessment.

Step 7 : Only on successfule assessment, receive Trainer certificate. Certificate will have validity of one year.

Step 8 : Conduct training. You must not affect Spell India brand in any manner. In case you do so, then Trainer Certificate will be terminated (at our sole discretion). No pro-rata refund will be made.

You may conduct training and charge fee as deemed fit by you. The training will be done by you in your independent capacity and we will not be accountable for anything whatsoever.

Before a year gets over you need to revalidate your Trainer certificate. This has to be done before the succeeding year starts. Procedure will be advised to you at appropriate time, after your request for revalidation. It will include an assessment as well as online payment of annual fee. Later will depend on number of students trained in the preceding year.

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