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GK ACADEMY is a worldwide general knowledge learning program for children.

It is a vision of Debashis Pati. Our GOAL is to make GK Learning convenient worldwide
... with maximum content, least cost and 24x7 access worldwide.

You may contact us with your queries at phonicsindia@gmail.com. Do send student
name/grade details to get response.


GK Academy brings to you GK Question Boards.

Each board has questions. These are questions shared by a child.
Each child's GK Questions and Answers are named after
the child. The boards have child's picture as well. Same have been
provided with the concerned parent's one-time approval to us.

Your child may contibute up to 100 GK Questions to us for being
posted here, as deemed fit by us. Each contribution will become
our content here. We thank all contributing children and their
parents for the same.

GK QUESTION BOARDS follow. Do guide us to improve this.

"As you know there is so much to know. So, let us together
help children know more." - Debashis Pati

Coming Soon - GK OLYMPIAD Practice Questions

GK ACADEMY ... thanks the children and their parents for their contribution and support.

"Let us together help children KNOW MORE." - Debashis Pati

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