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Word List based exams ... Main Points follow.

# 2 rounds of ONLiNE exams - Prelim and Final.

# Exams schedule is :

- PRELIM exam : It is the first round of exam during December to February.

- FINAL exam : It is the second round of exam in April.

# First LEARN from study material and then TEST process is followed.

# 100% Spelling Bee : No questions of Grammar, Phonemic Scripts, Word Origin, Comprehension or General Knowledge.

# Study / Learning Material will be provided on our website ONLY during the concerned months (before the concerned round of exam).

A set of word lists will be shared before the PRELIM exam and another set after the PRELIM exam.
Those who do not give/attend the PRELIM exam WILL NOT be sent the set of word lists after the PRELIM exam, and they WILL NOT be eligible to give the FINAL exam.

# All contents are by Debashis Pati, a Spelling Habit Creator, author of maximum number of spelling books (for "multiple" spell bee exams). He fully supports the 1st ever 'worldwide' spelling scholarship program.

# All questions in the Exams will be from the study/learning material provided only.
No stress on this front. Exam answers will not be shared.

# Certificate to all.

# HALL OF FAME. Top performers will get Hall of Fame Certificate.

Spelling Bee International : Word List based exam

Here are sample WORD LISTS across grades/classes. It will be different for each grade / class.

class 1 word list based spell bee exam

class 2 word list based spell bee exam

class 3 word list based spell bee exam

class 4 word list based spell bee exam

class 5 word list based spell bee exam

class 6 word list based spell bee exam

class 6 word list based spell bee exam


# All contents shared in any manner are our copyright and must not be shared with anyone else, in whatsoever manner, at any point of time.

Any violation of the same will attract necessary action from us. This applies for all the modules / exams / our contents.