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H&D International Spell Bee

Competition exams

Part 4 ... VOCA Quest

Question Patterns that are

'Word Meaning' based exam

VOCA Quest :

WORD MEANING based Question Patterns
... Salient aspects follow.

"Knowing a word without its meaning is not really knowing a word", Debashis Pati.

# 1 round of ONLiNE exam.

# Study / Learning Material will be provided on our website ONLY during the concerned months.

Same will be indicative for Senior KG to Class 2.

And will be exhaustive for Classes 3 to 5.

# Question patterns will be as per sample questions only.

# All contents are by Debashis Pati, a Spelling Habit Creator, author of maximum number of
spelling books (for "multiple" spell bee exams). He fully supports the 1st ever 'worldwide' spelling
scholarship program.

# The exams will be conducted in May / June.
Exact schedule will be informed by email.

# Certificate to all. Will be sent by email (provided during registration).


# All contents shared in any manner are our copyright and
must not be shared with anyone else, in whatsoever manner, at any point of time
Any violation of the same will attract necessary action from us.
This applies for all the modules.


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Here are some 'Spelling Learning Resources' for your child ... courtesy Phonics eStore.