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    How to Register Directly for Spell Bee Exam - BUDGET

    # Classes 1 to 10 and Senior KG

    # Register any day directly ... from any country

    # Online learning material and exam

    # One time fee of Rs 50 only


    whatsapp (message only) +91 9820354672

    SPELLer CHAMP : Spelling Bee Exams - BUDGET

    a WORLDWIDE SPELL BEE exam opportunity

    at Rs 50 (less than 1 USD) only


    REGISTER ANY DAY, directly from Any Country.

    SPELLer CHAMP at Rs 50 only

    Spelling Competition Exam

    How to Register for Spell Bee Competition Spelling exam


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    How to Register for Spell Bee Competition Spelling exam

    SPELLer CHAMP at Rs 50 only :

    Salient Aspects

    # Register Any Day Directly. School is not involved, in any manner.

    Exam can be conducted thrice in a year - September, December and June.

    A participant can give the exam only once. It can be given once during November 2022 and June 2023.

    # Registration fee is Rs 50 only, same for ALL COUNTRIES (less than 1 USD).

    Registration is done "directly", and not through schools.

    One can register any day.

    # One exam will be conducted online. Answers of the exams will not be provided.

    Syllabus for the exam will be all the words shared on our webpage, after registration. There will be 1000+ words for all grades. Only for Senior KG / UKG it will be 500+ words. The word lists will be on our website and same have to be noted down by participants to learn. Word lists will be provided in two lots - Regular and Advanced.

    # Words will be dictated in the exam and the participant has to answer. The test will be 'pre recorded'. The exam can be given only once during the exam period.

    # There will be two lots of dictation - Regular Words and Advanced Words. Mark for every correctly spelt word will be higher for 'Advanced Words'.

    # No one should help the participant in any manner during the exam.

    # Answers of the final Certificate exam will not be shared at all.

    # Online exam link will be shared.

    # All participants can download their certificate, immediately after the exam.

    TOP PERFORMERS will be able to download thier HALL OF FAME certificate after the exam.

    # All decisions will be at our sole discretion, and will not be open for any discussion.

    You may whatsapp 'SPELLer CHAMP Rs 50' for your queries to whatsapp +91 9820354672.

    SPELLer CHAMP at Rs 50 only :

    How to Register Now

    YOU CAN register your child ANY DAY of the year, DIRECTLY.

    This holds for all students from any country.

    Please email the following details and attachments to phonicsindia@gmail.com.

    Do not whatsapp these details requested.

    1. Name of Student:

    3. Grade & Section of Student during Academic Year - May 2022 to April 2023:

    2. School of Student:

    3. Correspondence address (full with PIN / ZIP code):

    4. email ID (for communciation):

    5. Mobile Number (whatsapp number):

    6. Attach Student's ID proof (school ID card or aadhar card or passport) image

    7. Doing Registration of the student for the first time - (Yes or No):

    8. Registration Fee paid for the first time, any day during May 2022 to April 2023 period only: Rs _______

    (Fee guidance ... BUDGET Plan : Rs 50)

    9. Attach payment proof

    Note: Bank details for making payment- 



    CURRENT ACCOUNT No 194602000000469 


    MUMBAI 400076

    IFSC CODE : IOBA0001946

    Please note that after making the payment you are requested to email all the above details to complete the registration process. Only making the payment cannot be considered as completion of registration process. No fee refund, for whatsoever reason.

    Payment Links

    You may whatsapp 'SPELL BEE BUDGET Rs 50' for your queries to +91 9820354672.