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... MAKE-UR-TEST ... brings SMILES along with SPELLINGS ... Cheers!

SPELL BEE ACADEMY is a worldwide spelling learning initiative.

It has three focussed activities to catalyse spelling learning among students.

# Make available a wide range of spelling books for purchase 24x7 at amazon.

# Make available preparatory study material for "multiple" spelling bee exams.

# Conduct "100% Spelling" Spell Bee exams free of cost - with maximum reach,
good preparation opportunity and mimimum cost / stress for parents.

We are glad to present a children focussed initiative called the "MAKE-UR-TEST".

# All current participants of SPELL BEE ACADEMY's SPELL BEE ONLiNE Tests
can contribute their tests.

# This is a voluntary activity by the participant(s).

# A participant can contribute upto 5 Tests in a year (during Test 1 to Test 50
time period).

# Each test must have 10 words. These are words from the tests already
conducted for the child's grade/class in the current year (Test 1 to Test 50
period). No other words must be included.

# Participant can also give a picture for each test submitted.

# The Test image(s) will be sent to participant/parent for approval by email.
Post the approval by email the images will be posted/shared by us as appropriate/
deemed fit.

# Each participant of the SPELL BEE ONLiNE Tests can access these tests for
practice. There will be access code provided to access the tests of concerned
/grades. The access code is subject to change every week. Participants will
get on request the access code, IF they attended the preceeding SUNDAY Test
(else not). Access is thus not without terms and conditions, and same is
subject to change over time at our sole discretion.

# The content will get updated regularly as children contribute Tests over time.

You may contact with your queries at phonicsindia@gmail.com. Do send student
name/grade details to get response.

SPELL BEE ACADEMY ... thanks the children and their parents for their contribution and support.

"Let us together help children know the CORRECT SPELLING." - Debashis Pati

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