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Word List Based ... 2 Exams

Senior KG to Class 10

One time Fee ... Same for all countries

Rs 250 Only

Register Any Child Any Day from Any Country

Give Exam in Any Month of the Year

CONTACT : whatsapp 'PATI' to +91 9820354672

Are you wanting to Register Your Child for a SPELL BEE exam TODAY!

SPELL BEE ACADEMY brings to you Pati's SPELLING BEE INTERNATIONAL from Senior KG onwards.

Spelling - Spell Bee Competition Exam for Class 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (Special fee of Rs 250 for ALL, applicable now)

This children learning initiative follows Pati's L&T model - FIRST Learn and THEN Test process.

Learning material are provided online, and the Tests are conducted online.

All contents are by Debashis Pati, a Spelling Habit Creator, a Phonics Teacher Trainer and the author of maximum number of preparatory books for multiple Spell Bee competition exams. He is a parent like you. His two children have been national championship rank holders in 'mulitple' Spell Bee competitions.

He fully supports the 1st ever Spell Bee world wide Scholarship - H&D Scholarship.

What are the DETAILS of this Spell Bee exam

# ANY Child from ANY Country can register ANY Day.

# Grades : Senior KG onwards till Class 10

# 2 rounds of ONLiNE exams. Prelim and Final.

# Exams are scheduled in each month of the year. So, register any day of the year and give exam any month of the year. Process MUST complete within a year of registration.

# Registration can be done DIRECTLY or through school. Any Parent / Any School may contact us Any Day of the year to register.

# First LEARN from study material and then TEST process is followed.

# 100% Spelling Bee : No questions of Grammar, Phonemic Scripts, Word Origin, Comprehension or General Knowledge.

# Study / Learning Material will be provided on our website ONLY during the concerned months (before the concerned round of exam).

A set of word lists will be shared before the PRELIM exam and another set after the PRELIM exam.

Those who do not give/attend the PRELIM exam WILL NOT be sent the set of word lists after the PRELIM exam, and they WILL NOT be eligible to give the FINAL exam.

# All contents are by Debashis Pati, a Spelling Habit Creator, author of maximum number of spelling books (for "multiple" spell bee exams), a Phonics Teacher Trainer and a teacher for Phonics / Word Reading / Spelling / Grammar / General Knowledge. He fully supports the 1st ever 'worldwide' spelling scholarship program.

# Test date and time will be informed well in advance vide email (provided during registration).

# All questions in the Tests will be from the study/learning material provided only. No stress on this front.

# Certificate to all. Will be sent by email (provided during registration).

# Medals to top performers. To be collected from our Mumbai (India) office. Couriering on request available. Concerned expense will be additional and will have to be pre-paid. Top performers will be iformed directly by email. No queries in this regard will be entertained.

# One time fee only.

Currently it is same fee for all countries : Rs 250 (INR) only for direct registration.

No hidden cost. No local / outstation travel cost.

# Efficient / regular query handling.

# No manipulation of results.

We call this the "WORD BUILDER" program ... learning 1000-2000 words is expected to create the 'spelling knowledge'.

Pati's Spelling Bee International : Word List based exam

Here are sample WORD LISTS across grades/classes. These will be different for each grade / class.

senior kg word list based spell bee exam

class 1 word list based spell bee exam

class 2 word list based spell bee exam

class 3 word list based spell bee exam

class 4 word list based spell bee exam

class 5 word list based spell bee exam

class 6 word list based spell bee exam

What is the Registration Fee for this Spell Bee exam

# The following is the revised fee with effect from September, 2021. It will be applicable till it is revised here.

* Same fee for all countries : Rs 250. (Note : 1 USD is around Rs 70.)

# The above fee is for direct registration by parents.

# Fee includes access to word list till the exam date, on our website only and participation in the two rounds of exams. Cost of couriering certificates and medals are not included in the fee. Same will be additional, and only on request.

What are the Levels of this Spell Bee exam

# There are 10 levels ... Level 0 to Level 9.

* Level 0 : Senior KG (one year before Class 1)

* Level 1 : Class 1

* Level 2 : Class 2

* Level 3 : Class 3

* Level 4 : Class 4

* Level 5 : Class 5

* Level 6 : Class 6

* Level 7 : Class 7

* Level 8 : Class 8

* Level 9 : Class 9 and Class 10

# A child can register for one or more levels in one year.
It can be the current level and a level lower or higher.

# A child can register at a time for one level only.

# A promising Junior KG child can register for Level 0 meant for Senior KG students.

How to Register for this Spell Bee exam TODAY

YOU CAN register your child ANY DAY of the year. Registration is open 24x7. This holds for all students from any country.

Please send the following details and attachments to

Do not whatsapp these details requested.

1. Name of child :

3. Grade of child in current academic year :

2. School of child :

3. Correspondence address:

4. email ID :

5. Mobile :

6. Attach child's ID card image (any valid ID card will do - aadhar, passport, school Id)

7. Attach payment proof


# Fee to be paid as per country of residence. Those who are residents of India may also use payment link provided below (scroll down).

# Those who can pay in Indian Rupees (but are not resident of India now) can convert their fee into Indian Rupees and pay the same. Conversion rate to be as on the date of payment. You may Google search for the same.

Bank details for making payment follows.



CURRENT ACCOUNT No 194602000000469


MUMBAI 400076

IFSC CODE : Will be provided on request. Please send request by whatsapp to +91 9820354672

The following payment link may be used instead.

For Queries about this Spelling Bee exam CONTACT Spell Bee Academy NOW

whatsapp 'PATI' to +91 9820354672

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