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Do you want to register Your Child in a SPELL BEE Exam TODAY.

Registration for a SPELL BEE Exam can happen directly or through the school.

Not all schools are registered for a spell bee exam.

Not all spelling bee exams happen in a school.

There are different reason why one spell bee exam happens in a school
and not the others.

Also one does not know many aspects about the Spell Bee exam happeing
in a school.

Few questions must get answers for before registering are the following:

# What is the total cost (exam fee, study material cost and travel/stay cost)
of all rounds of the exam?

# What is the time taken from registration till the last round of exams?

# Is the spell bee exam a quality exam with quality study material?
Note just because a school sends registration form does not make a spell

bee exam good or better? No need to know how the school benefits from it.

# Can registration be done directly if a Spell Bee exam does not happen
through a school?

You may or may not get the complete answers before the registration!

SELECT your child's grade / class (in drop down) to know WHAT TO DO.

Here are 2 OPTIONS for registering Your Child
for a Quality SPELL BEE exam.

Salient aspects of each of these spelling bee exams follow.

# Can register directly.
# Can register any day of the year from anywhere in the world.
# Senior KG ( one year before Grade / Class 1) on wards.
# Total fee : Different for each (as follows)
# Total duration : within a year (includes learning time and two rounds of exams)
# Online Exams. No travel/ stay cost.
# No additional cost for learning material
# No other hidden cost like orientation classes or mock test fee
# Certificate to all.
# Scholarship to top performers.

OPTION 1. 'ALL' Free SPELL BEE due to H&D Scholarship to all students from SPELL BEE

# Total fee : Nil (not now, not later)


OPTION 2. Pati's Spelling Bee International

# Total fee : Indian Rupees 500 or 50 Dirhams or 25 Euros or 25 Dollars (nothing more later)


For any clarification or query whatsapp +91 9820354672.

Come let us together give your child the right beginning!