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The TRUTH is YOU are serious about YOUR CHILD's Maths LEARNING ... WHAT NEXT?

MATH BEE ... International Maths Olympiad Exam -
LEVEL 0 for Nursery / Junior KG / Senior KG students

MATHS ACADEMY is a Maths Learning initiative.

It is fully supported by Phonics eStore, an eduTech company.

It wishes to 'Make Maths learning a Must' for your child.

Pati's Learn-n-Teach multi-level process is followed.

Thsi program begins from Nursery, the 1st year of formal education.

Well begun is half done.

So, go ahead and give your child the right beginning ... give your child the MATHS ADVANTAGE.

MATHS ACADEMY brings to you Maths Olympiad Exams for your child.

Register Any Day. Give online exam Any Month.

What follows are :

# Details of this program

# HALL OF FAME students : Our Top Performers

# Sample Questions across levels

# How to Register

There are many images on this webpage. So, it will take some time to load. Your patience is sincerely solicited.

A child can give all levels in a single year. We will match your child's speed of learning.

Students of Nursery / Junior KG / Senior KG can register any day from any country.

# Nursery students need to start off from the 1st steps (before the first level).

# Junior KG students have the option to start from the first level.

# Senior KG students have the option to start from the second level.

How to Register for MATH BEE - Maths Olympiad Exam NOW

YOU CAN register your child ANY DAY of the year. Registration is open 24x7.

The fee is Rs 300 per level - same for all countries. This works out to
15 dirham or around USD 5.

Please send the following details and attachments to phonicsindia@gmail.com.

Do not whatsapp these details requested.

1. Name of child :

3. Grade of child in current academic year (Nursery or Junior KG / LKG or Senior KG / UKG):

2. School of child :

3. Correspondence address :

4. email ID :

5. Mobile (whatsapp number):

6. Attach child's school IDENTITY (or any other valid ID) card image

7. Attach payment proof (Fee same for all countries)

Note: Bank details for making payment- 



CURRENT ACCOUNT No 194602000000469 


MUMBAI 400076

 IFSC CODE : IOBA0001946

You may also pay using the payment link provided below.

How to Contact Maths Academy

email : phonicsindia@gmail.com

whatsapp : +91 9820354672


# Refund : No refund. Please read all details before paying.
# Return : No return. No physical item will be shipped to you.
Please read all details before paying.
# Privacy : All details provided by you during registration will
be solely used for communication between us over time, for
concerned product and related products from us.
# For any queries on the above do send email only. Get queries
clarified before you pay. email ID is phonicsindia@gmail.com
"Queries first ... Payment last" is our guidance for you.

Come LET US TOGETHER give Your Child the right beginning!