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    How to Register Directly for Speller Bee Exam

    # Classes 1 to 10 and Senior KG

    # Register any day directly ... from any country

    # Online learning material and exam

    # NIL FEE for ALL students of ALL Countries


    whatsapp (message only) +91 9820354672

    SPELLer BEE : ALL FREE Spelling Bee Exams

    a WORLDWIDE SPELL BEE exam opportunity

    at NIL fee


    REGISTER ANY DAY, directly at NO FEE.
    This holds for students of all grades, of all countries.


    Spelling Competition Exam : 2022-2023

    spell bee conpetition exam results hall of fame

    Here is a "FIRST LEARN and THEN TEST" opportunity for all students worldwide.

    # Children from Senior KG (a year before Class 1) to Class 10 can participate in this.

    # ANY child from ANY country can register directly, ANY day for this.

    # Submit registration form and start off.

    # There will be two rounds of exams - PRELIM and FINAL.

    # Word List for each round will be provided on our website.

    # Those who do not give the PRELIM exam cannot continue further.

    # There are multiple exam dates in a year.

    You will be proposed one of these based on your registration date.

    There will be at least a two month gap between registration and the first exam.
    And there will be at least a two month gap between the PRELIM and the FINAL exams.

    # Exams will be conducted online.

    # Answers for the two exams will not be provided.

    # Certificate will be given after the FINAL exam only.

    # Ask query by whatsapp (message only, no call) to +91 9820354672.


    Learning material (Word Lists) is provided after registration for PRELIM round. And then for the FINAL round after participation in the PRELIM round.

    Parents will be guided on the process after successful registration. They can whatsapp (message only) their query.

    No classes will be conducted for learning.

    # THEN TEST :

    Each round of exam will have a dication of words. The child has to hear the word and then write / type its spelling. All words will be from the provided word lists only. At the start of the exam, parents will be guided on how to submit the answer sheet.

    Exam dates will be informed vide email. Email ID provided during registration will be used for this communication. We will not whatsapp this communication.

    # Levels

    There are 10 levels depending on the class / grade of the child.

    Level 0 : Senior KG (one year before Class 1)

    Level 1 : Class 1

    Level 2 : Class 2

    Level 3 : Class 3

    Level 4 : Class 4

    Level 5 : Class 5

    Level 6 : Class 6

    Level 7 : Class 7

    Level 8 : Class 8

    Level 9 : Class 9 / Class 10

    A child can participate in ONLY one level in a year.


    Certificate will be sent by email after the FINAL exam only.


    How to Register Now

    You can register any day of the year.

    Fill the following TWO FORMS and email to us at phonicsindia@gmail.com.

    Please do not whatsapp the filled form.

    Black and White prints of the forms will be fine. No need to take colour prints.

    On submission of the form your child as well as all the students of the school, will be eligible for this ALL FREE SPELL BEE program.

    FORM No. 1 : To be filled by the School

    FORM No. 2 : To be filled by the Parent

    You may right click on the above images, and then 'save image as' to have the two forms.

    The two filled forms have to be sent to us, only by email to phonicsindia@gmail.com.

    You may whatsapp 'ALL FREE SPELL BEE' for your queries to whatsapp +91 9820354672.


    Sample Word Lists across Grades

    Here are sample WORD LISTS across grades/classes. It will be different for each grade / class.

    class 1 word list based spell bee exam

    class 2 word list based spell bee exam

    class 3 word list based spell bee exam

    class 4 word list based spell bee exam

    class 5 word list based spell bee exam

    class 6 word list based spell bee exam

    class 6 word list based spell bee exam

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